Desuperheater System

Description: Desuperheater System

In the framework of the project PreFlexMS, a consortium of partners, such as the Institute of Solar Research of the DLR, GE, University of Évora, ESE, and STF will erect commission and operate a once-through steam generator within a solarthermal pilot power plant with molten salt as heat transfer fluid. As a component of a water and steam cycle a desuperheating system set shall be procured

Technical data:

  • The “Pressure reduction and de-superheating system” shall be completely assembled and consist of two main components
    • Controlled expansion valve
    • Controlled desuperheater water valve
    • Sprayer
  • Parameters at 100 % load:
    Steam inlet: 513 °C, 47 bar, 1.92 kg/s
    Cooling water: 232 °C, 178 bar, 0.66 kg/s
    Steam outlet: 271 °C, 47 bar, 2.58 kg/s
  • Parameters at 20% load:
    Steam inlet: 550 °C, 8.7 bar, 0.30 kg/s
    Cooling water: 174 °C, 85.6 bar, 0.13 kg/s
    Steam outlet: 124 °C, 1.6 bar, 0.43 kg/s

Complete specifications will be delivered in the technical dossier, which will be handed over to the bidders after signing the confidentiality agreement and the suitability criteria forms.

The deadline for application is on 24.10.2016

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