Gamma-SREPS: AEMET New Mesoscale Ensemble Prediction System for Solar Radiation Fluxes Probabilistic Forecast

By 07/07/2016

J.A. GarcĂ­a-Moya, A. Callado, P. EscribĂ , C. Santos, A. Manzano, A. Martin, J. Rodriguez, M. Compte

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PreFlexMS workpackage

WP4: Weather forecasting and measurement for renewable energy predictability

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Numerical Weather Prediction Models have improved very much in the last decades. Nowadays all the Meteorological Services in the world use NWP models as the main tool for weather forecasting. However, for surface parameters and severe weather events, a probabilistic forecast is more useful and more valuable for users and this is the reason why most of the Met services in the world are running Ensemble Prediction Systems (EPS) to supply proper probabilistic forecast to users. EPS that use the multimodel technique need to be calibrated to eliminate model bias and to correct, as much as possible, climate model deviations.

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