Preliminary analysis of the PreFlexMS molten-salt once-through steam generator dynamics and control strategy.

By 07/07/2016

Francesco Casella, Stefano Trabucchi, Tommaso Maioli, Cristina Elsido, Davide Franzini, Mathieu Ramond

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PreFlexMS workpackage

WP6: Once-Through Steam Generator (OTSG) design

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The molten-salt once-through steam generator (OTSG) is a completely new concept, for which there is no prior operational experience in the field. Up to the authors’ knowledge, there is also no published literature addressing the problem of the dynamic operation of such a system. A dynamic simulation model of the OTSG has been built using the Modelica language and the ThermoPower model library, with many project-specific extensions and customization. This approach was favoured against using closed-source commercial simulation tools, as it allowed much greater flexibility to address the modelling needs of a strongly innovative plant concept. The analysis of the open-loop dynamics shows that the plant can be controlled by means of a decentralized control system, as the cross-couplings between the different control loops are limited.

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Create Date07/07/2016
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