PreFlexMS presented on February 2nd in Evora at the 3rd IPES Symposium: “CSP and the Future”

By 02/02/2016News

The PreFlexMS project was presented at the 3rd Symposium sponsored by IPES (Portuguese Solar Energy Institute) in collaboration with the University of Évora, LNEG and STAGE-STE project. The Symposium had speakers from Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Germany and France and was entitled: Solar Concentration and the Future.

This Symposium primarily focused on the future of Solar Concentration with presentations focused on thermal storage, materials, control, industrial applications and solar concentrators. There was a visit to the large solar concentrators testing platform and concentrators field test using molten salts, used at the same time as heat transfer fluid and heat storage medium.

The Symposium organized by the Renewable Energies Chair featured renowned national and international speakers in the area of Solar Energy.

Video: Interview with Luis Crespo (President at ESTELA)Video: Interview with Manuel Collares Pereira (President of the Board at IPES)