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Charlotte Casiraghi, the year-old granddaughter of Princess Grace of Monaco, is hard to describe. A published author, magazine editor, film producer, model, equestrian, cofounder of a philosophical think tank, and front-row Fashion Week staple, Casiraghi also served as a muse to the late Karl Lagerfeld and is currently a spokesperson and ambassador for the House of Chanel.

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Despite all those roles, one title that Casiraghi does not hold is princess. I am the niece of a head of state. And with this status, I have some representational duties, nothing very constraining or very exceptional. Her marriage to producer Dimitri Rassam, son of actor and model Carole Bouquet, was the talk of summerwith the bride wearing a couture Chanel gown and a Cartier necklace once owned by her famous grandmother.

This in large part may be due to the actions of her mother, Princess Caroline, who would raise her children far from the fast flash of Monaco.

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She was a nurse during the war, then ran [a rehabilitation centre for ex-convicts]. Sadly, another tragedy would thrust the young family back into the spotlight. It was left to Prince Rainier to deliver the news to four-year-old Charlotte and her brothers. Losing someone, somehow, makes you take on that courage, to get over the anguish and fear that it provokes.

I could say my dad gave me courage. Their mother wanted to protect them and raised them away from the Monaco uproar. That is partly how she became a very good student and got interested in horse riding.

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She was a serious teenager, never a party girl, even if most of her friends are part of jet set families. Casiraghi has always been close to her highly cultured, multilingual mother and claims to see much of her late grandmother Grace in her. Casiraghi appears to have inherited this sense of discipline, especially when it comes to her life as an equestrian.

According to Hello Monaco, while celebrating her 12th birthday, she stood on the family balcony. Her love of competitive show jumping has continued into adulthood. They taught me great humility too. Being a great horseman does not rely on physical strength but more on the mind and sensibility. She excelled in school, and in she completed a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from the Sorbonne before cofounding Ever Manifesto, a magazine critical of the environmental impact of the fashion industry.

Long courted by luxury brands and high-fashion magazines, in she modeled of the Gucci Equestrian line. Inshe began dating the Moroccan Canadian comedian Gad Elmaleh. Elmaleh is very popular and from a very different background. It was a good story of two worlds meeting, with all the social, cultural, lifestyle differences you can imagine.

To summarize, a very good story for newspapers. While they were together, Elmaleh was effusive in his praise of his partner:. Did you observe that? What did you think about that? You can talk about philosophy and make stupid jokes with her.

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We go see art or she will go crazy over a TV show and laugh out loud with me about a stupid gag. However, according to People, the focus on their careers—which included an attempt to break into the American entertainment industry for Elmaleh—meant the two were often apart. They split in That same year, Casiraghi moved to establish herself as a serious player in the world of philosophy when she started the think tank Les Rencontres Philosophiques de Monaco with her philosophy professor Robert Maggiori.

The organization hosts talks and events with noted thinkers. It also works with schools in Monaco to promote the study of philosophy. She and Maggiori published Archipel Des Passions ina book of conversations between teacher and pupil about the meaning of life. Also, because philosophy in a place like Monaco, a casinos and tax system paradise, is strange and contradictory, to say the least, even absurd for some.

InCasiraghi announced her engagement to Dimitri Rassam, who proposed while they were on a ski trip with Princess Caroline. I mean they did, the boys. They talked to me about it before. Despite these sincere intellectual pursuits, there is an inherent contradiction in a feminist environmentalist thinker continuing to work with massive global corporate brands.

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I have been there. I have listened to hard words about me. But you have to put some distance. Casiraghi holds no official position in Monaco, although she is frequently seen at events like National Day and the Rose Ball. I have a memory to honor, a transmission to respect, but it is essential to knit things differently, to be surprised, to choose your life. A distraught Princess Caroline retreated for a time from her official duties.

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