Adrian i still love you

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He specializes in spirit and often self-medicates with smoking and alcohol to numb its influence. Upon meeting Rose Hathaway in Frostbitehe instantly becomes obsessed with her. There he meets alchemist Sydney Sage who is also ased to protect Jill. Slowly, he and Sydney develop a deep friendship in Bloodlines and she inspires and encourages him starts taking art classes at Carlton College. In The Fiery Hearthe is diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and starts taking mood stabilizers, only stopping when Sydney is kidnapped in Silver Shadows ; he starts taking them again once he gets her back.

Adrian and Sydney get married at the end Silver Shadows. In the epilogue, Adrian is revealed to have started working as a kindergarten art teacher. Adrian is described by many to be extremely handsome, breathtaking, sexy, and hot, even for a Moroi. Sydney describes his smaragdine orbs, which are said to be similar to the Dragomir 's eye color, as the deepest shade of green in the world. He stands "a little shorter than Dimitri " according to Rose and has a model-body type that is comparable to art. Adrian has dark chestnut brown hair often said to be styled in a messy just-rolled-of-bed style.

Adrian Ivashkov is a brave, selfless, impulsive, and open-minded Moroi. He is willing to give his loved ones anything if they need it, like when he brought Jillian back from the dead making her Shadow-kissed. He is also very intelligent, choosing to use words to out-match his opponents rather than engaging in physical fights. Adrian is sometimes rebellious, as he noted by Dimitri that he doesn't follow rules—they are mainly guidelines to life. Sydney describes him as arrogant, cocky, and annoying, but she also thinks he is funny.

According to Jill, Adrian always feels his emotions very strongly. According to Sydney, Adrian has something of a split personality; one moment he could be happy and outgoing, while the next he can become distant and speak in riddles. Adrian is emotionally damaged due to both his father's verbal abuse and the effect of spirit. Both cause him to experience extreme depression, which causes him to drink heavily. Of course, his heartbreak over Rose didn't help matters.

Adrian frequently tries to prove himself, though he doesn't like to show it. He wants others to think he is worth something; this is particularly obvious with Sydney Sage. Adrian carries a lot of self-doubt and also low self-esteem. He believes he will become what everyone thinks he is already: a failure, though let's be real he's far from that! According to Carlton's psychiatrists, Adrian suffers from bipolar disorder, meaning that his high and happy moments are too high, making him impulsive, while his low and depressive moments are too low to the point of inducing suicidal thoughts.

Sydney and Adrian first run into each other at the Moroi court, although they did not speak to each other at the time. Their first proper introduction was in Palm Springs at Clarence Donahue's house. Adrian helped Sydney track down the source of illicit tattoos that used vampire blood and saliva, as well as helped to expose Keith 's involvement with the tattoos to the Alchemists. Sydney, in return, gets him out of Clarence's house and into an apartment of his own, Keith's old one which was offered to her at first. She also helped him apply for art classes at a local college.

In The Golden LilyAdrian and Sydney's friendship deepens, with Sydney buying him a slush to cheer him up after a disastrous meeting with his father. Adrian in turn takes self-defense classes with Sydney although he later quits because he cannot be around her without putting his feelings for her aside and buys a Mustang and feigns ignorance of a manual transmission in order to have an excuse to be around her.

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Adrian finds himself falling in love with Sydney, which scares him Moroi and humans being together is taboo, Keepers aside. He finally gives in to his feelings and shares a kiss with Sydney. However, Sydney tells him that they can't have feelings for each other. She then leaves his apartment, breaking both of their hearts. Throughout their time together, their sexual tension increases. Adrian has curbed his drinking and smoking habits to please Sydney, who makes him happy.

At the end of Indigo Spellthey finally begin dating. They share their first day as a couple in South California; they have dinner together fondue, Adrian's favorite food and watch the sunset after spending all day in the Greek architecture-inspired Getty Villa museum. With the presence of her sister, Sydney begins to sneak off during her last period study class to be with Adrian. Adrian also begins to take mood stabilizing pills so that Spirit does not get to him as much on Sydney's urging.

Later, Adrian and Sydney progress even further in their relationship, both emotionally and physically. By finding Adrian's "love phone" in Sydney's car, Zoe Sydney's sisteruncovers their relationship and notifies the Alchemists. This in Sydney's kidnapping, and the book ends with Adrian going back to his drinking ways to drown out sorrow and Spirit alike.

In Silver ShadowsAdrian and Sydney are still in love but cannot be together since Sydney is being held in a re-education center after the Alchemists found out that she was in love with Adrian. Adrian begins the difficult search for Sydney, and after near 4 months of searching, finds her. Soon after, while on the run from the Alchemists, Adrian and Sydney get married. Adrian gives her an engagement ring made with rubies from his Aunt Tatiana's cuff-links, and they both return to Court to escape the Alchemists.

Once there, Sydney is given sanctuary by Lissa when the Alchemists try to take Sydney away and to annul the marriage. He first met Rose at a ski lodge in Idaho, where he made his feelings for her very clear by inviting her to dinner and sending her presents. Throughout Shadow Kisshe flirted with her to the point that his great-aunt thought they were involved with each other. He funds Rose's trip to Siberia on the condition that she gives him a chance when she gets back.

The pair date each other, although Rose continued to work on her quest to restore Dimitri to a dhampir. Eventually Rose broke up with him, because she was still in love with Dimitri. Adrian accused her of not caring, pointing out that he, Eddie, Sydney, and Jill were "victims" of her happy ending.

Rose concluded that she can't be his crutch, and that he needed to find his own strength. By the end of The Golden Lilywhen Sydney points out that he still loves Rose, Adrian comments that while he still is hurt by what she did to him, he is over her and is now interested in Sydney. Adrian was close friends with Avery Lazarand may have harbored some romantic feelings for her. But after it was discovered that she was a spirit userhe speculated that she used compulsion to get him to like her.

Adrian views Jill as a little sister and describes her as pure and innocent, which is the reason he brought her back to life and formed their shadow-kissed bond. However, he does feel somewhat frustrated that she can feel everything he feels, and he tries to cut back on his alcohol consumption for her sake. Jill is very protective of Adrian. She feels his connection with Sydney and wants their relationship to blossom.

Whenever Adrian is upset, Jill starts showing similar mood swings. Adrian and Christian meet in Frostbite.

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Although they don't initially get along—Christian is jealous of Adrian's friendship with Lissa—they eventually become friends. They constantly tease and insult each other as a of affection. They also help each other and their friends when the need arises as shown in Last Sacrifice when they worked together to help clear Rose's name.

Things are awkward between the two since his aunt killed Adrian's aunt, but Adrian still asks Christian for culinary advice. Adrian initially did not like Jaclyn Terwilliger when they met, because Sydney had complained about her passive aggressive methods of teaching her magic which was completely against Sydney's belief system.

However, they seem to both have made positive impressions on each other after a short time, as Ms. Terwilliger allows him to call her Jackie, and Adrian is more open minded about Sydney learning magic than he was before he saw her natural talent. Adrian and Lissa are friends, and he affectionately calls her "cousin" a common form of address among royals. He helped her with learning about her Spirit powers—teaching her dream-walking and reading auras—and she tries to teach him how to heal people.

Even though they are both Spirit users, they have a lot to learn from one another. They continued to be close friends even after Lissa became queen. Adrian also likes to call her Lissa and tries to get others to say it, including Sydney Sage.

However, Lissa is somewhat irritated with him, when he caused a rift between the Alchemists and the Moroi by marrying Sydney. Adrian disliked Dimitri, because everyone believes Dimitri is perfect, and Dimitri disliked Adrian for not following rules and his excessive drinking. In the end, Rose chose Dimitri as her love, breaking Adrian's heart completely.

Soon after, in Palm Springs, Adrian begins to let go of his rivalry with Dimitri because of his growing love for Alchemist Sydney Sage. Though at some moments there is tension between the two, it is later found out that Adrian does in fact respect Dimitri; in return Dimitri believes that Adrian is a good person and also respects him. In The Ruby Circleit is revealed that they are actually cousins.

When Sydney begins her relationship with Brayden, Adrian is surprised at how much it bothers him that she's not single. He continually points out what he believes to be faults in Brayden, but it only ends up annoying Sydney. Adrian believes that Sydney is only dating Brayden because of his car and therefore his "status symbol," and because he is smart and smells like coffee, according to Sydney. Adrian interrupts them at the Halloween dance, and Adrian scoffs at Brayden calling Sydney's outfit "historically inaccurate.

Adrian and Marcus Finch have an uneasy relationship. At their first meeting, Adrian attacked Marcus when he found out that Marcus had harmed Sydney. Marcus in return was annoyed by Adrian, even calling him an "asshole. But this was later laid to rest when Sydney decided to not go away with Marcus to Mexico but stayed with Adrian. This tense relationship continues when they met again in The Fiery Heart, though they are both devastated when Sydney is taken by the Alchemists and to the re-education center after Zoe snitches on Sydney and Adrian. They become friends as they collaborate to free Sydney from re-education.

Marcus seems to be aware of Sydney and Adrian's relationship, but is non-judgmental. Adrian is a Latin Origin name meaning " From Hadria ". In the German form of the name Adrian means "Dark". It was a popular name in the Roman times and the Middle Ages but became rarely seen in modern times.

It was used regularly in Christianity for many years. Adrian was used a lot during Shakespearean times, as it was used in the play The Tempestin which it means "Lord". Ivashkov comes from the profession of fishing, called "Fisher", which was given to fishermen. But over many years, the name has come from different areas in the Western Civilization to mean "Favored of God". Vampire Academy Series Wiki Explore. Vampire Academy graphic novel Frostbite graphic novel Shadow Kiss graphic novel. Blood Sisters. Quotes Richelle Mead Character appearances. Explore Wikis Community Central.

Register Don't have an ? Adrian Ivashkov. Edit source History Talk 2. Sydney Sage. In the "Ruby Circle", Adrian and Sydney's relationship deepens and together, along with Rose and Dimitri, find out the truth about Olive's weird pregnancy. When Olive is killed by a Strigoi, Adrian feels sad and guilty that he wasn't able to save her. But Sydney confronts him.

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Later in the book, Sydney helps Adrian to snap out of the extreme spirit and prevent him from burst of spirit where his mind would stop to function permanently, like it happened to Avery and Nina.

Adrian i still love you

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