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Florida is stuck with an intensifying pandemic, as the coronavirus infects more and more people, sickening hundreds of them every day before they can get a vaccine. The of new cases continues to rise and has skyrocketed in the past two weeks among seniors and residents of long-term care facilities. There are more COVID patients hospitalized now than there have been at any point since mid-August, and that has grown steadily for two months straight.

So far, trends in hospitalization and death s have lagged behind that of cases in young adults.

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So the pandemic will likely get even worse until young adult cases — which continue their steady climb — reverse course, or lots and lots of Floridians are vaccinated. With increased testing, case s have nearly reached their summer peak level. In the week ending Wednesday, more than 11, people tested positive each day, on average. s were higher than that only for a period of about four days in July.

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For some age groups, including those between 65 and 85, new cases have already eclipsed their summer peaks. At the peak in July, that was 84 percent. Particularly in the past two weeks, there are troubling s of rapid spread among vulnerable Floridians. New daily cases in people 85 years and older have jumped by 65 percent since Thanksgiving weekend, three times as fast as the rise in cases overall.

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Cases had stagnated from mid-November through early December, but have jumped from 1, active cases to more than 2, in just two weeks. New cases in the general population also slowed around Thanksgiving; holidays often lead to quirky data. New case s in Sumter County, home of the retirement mecca The Villages, are nearly twice as high as in the summer. The of hospitalized COVID patients there has doubled since the beginning of the month, a meteoric rise.

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Florida COVID cases rising fast among seniors, nursing home residents s show rapid spread in regions home to elderly. By Langston Taylor. Published Dec. Up next: Florida adds 11, coronavirus cases, deaths Wednesday. Langston Taylor Data Editor.

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