Air Cooled Condenser System

Description: Air Cooled Condenser System

In the framework of the project PreFlexMS, a consortium of partners such as the Institute of Solar Research of the DLR, GE, University of Évora, ESE, and STF will erect commission and operate a once-through steam generator within a solarthermal pilot power plant with molten salt as heat transfer fluid. As a component of a water and steam cycle an air cooled condenser system shall be procured

Technical data:

  • Completely assembled pressurized, air-cooled condenser system on steel structure
  • System shall consist of components such as (not exhaustive list): Tube bundles, fans with motors, platform and steel structure
  • Design pressure / temperature: 52 barg / 295°C
  • Nominal operating point, about 5 MW thermal cooling power:
  • Steam inlet: 271°C; 47.3 bar; 2.6 kg/s
  • Condensate at outlet: 55 K below saturation temperature
  • Air inlet: Ca. 40°C (ambient at Evora, Portugal)
  • Air outlet:: < 200°C
  • Part load down to about 20 % load with 124 °C, 0.43 kg/s of steam
  • No vacuum at condensate outlet, pressure > 2 bara
  • Max. dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 7m x 2.5m x 4.5m
  • Max. weight : 8500 kg


  1. Commissioning specialist: The bidder must quote a commissioning specialist (cost per day) on site who assists the contraction authority during the commission procedure. The contracting authority decides at a later stage on this option.
  2. Documentation: The documentation will be divided in 2 options:
    1. Standard documentation
    2. Extended documentation
      The contracting authority will decide during the negotiation phase which option is chosen based on the complexity of the equipment

Place of Delivery: Évora
Delivery Time: 12 months after awarding of contract
Tender: National tender with negotiation

Complete specifications will be delivered in the technical dossier, which will be handed over to the bidders after the application phase, under the condition that bidders have filled in the suitability criteria forms and have signed the confidentiality agreement.

Note that DLR is a public institution and is bound to public procurement regulations. The binding language of the tender is German. English translations of all important documents are available in English language for information. Only the documentation from the links below on and are of binding force.

The deadline for application is 07.12.2016, 12:00

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