Black swingers in dc

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Hey everyone! My partner and I were looking to experience a swingers club for the first time. We in the Washington D. I believe they throw parties too.

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The Balaibalan events are not lifestyle in particular, rather just a sexy environment. My wife and I have been. Crucible does one night a month devoted to the lifestyle. Thank you for all the info! Are you familiar with how it works, as far as getting into a sinnergy event? Indont know if it would be too late for Saturday. But I definitely appreciate the guidance! Tabu West of Baltimore and Shadows just outside the city by the BW Parkway are really the only true on-premises meaning you can fuck there swinger's clubs in the area. Of the two, Tabu has the better facility and the larger membership, but Shadows can be fun if you go on the right night.

The key to both is having low expectations for the crowd or going with people you already know. Assuming you will find someone there you're interested in, and who is interested in you, is a recipe for disappointment. If that happens, great! But don't count on it. Plan on going for the atmosphere and to have public fun with your partner, and then anything else you get is a plus.

If you go further North, The Private Affair is also an option. I've never been, but we've heard mixed reviews. Crucible is really a kink club that occasionally throws more swing-focused nights, which is in no way a knock on them, just important to set expectations.

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Entre Nous throws off-premises parties at area clubs that are fun but more about a sexy atmosphere and meeting new people; I believe they also do smaller on-premises parties that are more geared towards MFM play. Bailaban and Sinnergy are the two big party-throwing groups, and both throw a great party.

All Sinnergy parties are on-premises, whereas the big Bailaban parties are off-premises and only the small, invite-only ones are on-premises. Most are themed and draw a big, sexy crowd, but they're only done a few times a year each. Highly recommend checking both out.

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There are also lots of smaller house parties in the area. If you're interested in trying one of those, let me know; we host fairly large ones with some friends of ours under the PLAYGRND name, and we know lots of others who throw parties as well. Drandsexything, we are interested in getting on the invites for parties. Please advise? Hey there check out Tabu which is closer to Baltimore.

Crucible seems to veer more towards kink. Also sinnergy google them hosts parties that are pretty awesome.

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Yea I was looking at crucible and noticed that it was geared more towards kink, which is great but not really what I was looking for. Have you been to Tabu? And thank you for the info!! We have been to sin-nergy and Tabu. We had fun at both. Our favorite so far is Tj's in Pennsylvania. We went to the Sinnergy Eyes Wide shut event last year and while we had a good time we always do we noticed a lot of the crowd tends to bring their own play partners so you may want to consider bringing people if you go that route.

The clubs we want to try but haven't yet are The Cottage and another country music themed club that the name currently escapes me. Glad to hear that it was a good time last year. Just in my mind I picture doing my wife doggy when another couple s in I look up and say " oh good evening Senator" Would you like a turn? Found the internet! Anyone been to a swingers club in Washington D. Posted by 3 years ago. Has anyone been there before? Or any other recommendations?

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Black swingers in dc

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