California nudist swingers club

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Welcome to a club hotel spa of steaming hot mineral water where Naked flesh is respected and prized. Sea Mountain Club and Lifestyles Nude Resort is a magical vacation where none are judged by age, ideations, weight or any distractions of hate.

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SMI Is a rare vacation, where friendships are formed from peoples from across the globe from those over 21 to those who lives have spent years hard at labor and who seek to be Nude, who seek to be Safe, who seek to mingle or seek to retreat into passion and love. Sea Mountain's hot mineral waters and fires are open each day of our year in order to celebrate, inspire and to give you a home where magic is not an illusion and love is exulted about all others.

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Dance, sleep, over indulge in our semi all-inclusive beverages and snacks, don't look at a scale, sin a little to give you energy to leave the gates of SMI and help perfect the world. Our mission is your privacy your passion your ecstasy and you Lust and respect for each other. Initial SwingTowns.

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