The Agencia Estatal de Meteorología, AEMET, is the State Agency under the Spanish Ministry of Environment responsible for the official activities related to meteorology and climatology in Spain, including weather information for general purposes. AEMET retains exclusive responsibility for the main meteorological infrastructure in the whole territory of Spain, international exchange, aviation and maritime services as well as the meteorological support to Defence. The total staff is over 1.400; about 600 out of them have University master degrees. AEMET is the representative of Spain at four international organizations: WMO, ECMWF, EUMETSAT and GEO, and it is member of several international groups of cooperation: EUMETNET, HIRLAM, etc. It is the operator or leader of international operational programmes such as the Nowcasting SAF (EUMETSAT), the GAW (WMO) atmospheric station at Izaña, (Tenerife, Canary Islands), the WMO Regional BREWER Calibration Centre for Europe (RBCCE) and the Northern Africa – Middle East – Europe node of the Sand and Dust Storms Warning and Assessment System (SDS – WAS) of WMO. The main research activities at AEMET cover numerical weather prediction, severe weather events, remote sensing, climate (including climate modelling and climate change scenarios) and atmospheric composition. AEMET leads cooperative R+D projects such as MedCOF, a Mediterranean initiative on climate, or the SRNWP EPS programme of EUMETNET and has significant participation in others such as HYMEX and a number of COST actions. It has been involved on many European FP7 projects some of them on-going such as MACC-II, MyWave, EUPORIAS or MUSICA.

Role in the PreFlexMS project:

  • The role of AEMET in the project is to provide expertise in weather forecasting; in particular, numerical weather prediction models (NWP). The basic and most relevant information needed for the prediction of production in solar power plants are values of meteorological parameters (solar radiation, surface temperature and wind, and so on). We have more than 20 years of experience in using NWP models and its verification against observations. In recent year (from 2002) AEMET team is working in Ensemble Prediction Systems and probabilistic forecast. We will apply this experience to introduce probabilistic forecast in the process of solar power plants production forecasting.