EC Systems AMC is a company that specializes in industrial projects, which history dates back to 1992. EC Systems AMC business focus is the design and development of advanced software systems for industry. Our main activity is software development for industry, especially in condition monitoring systems. Apart from that, EC Systems AMC has experience in development of wide spectrum of industrial applications like control systems, testing and diagnostic systems, data acquisition systems and others.

EC Systems AMC mission is bridging the gap between laboratory research and the products ready to be delivered to the market. Our strong technical background helps reducing customers’ R&D costs and guarantees the highest technical level of the final product. Our systems are used in the industries like: power generation, automotive, railway, road transport, mining, oil&gas, paper industry, and printing. The customer base is localized throughout entire Europe in the countries like: Germany, France, Poland, Switzerland, UK and others.

Role in the PreFlexMS project:

  • EC Systems AMC task aims in software development of RCM systems, which would enable accurate assessment of the technical condition of machinery as well as development of guidelines for machine operation optimization base on algorithms prepared by project partners. EC Systems AMC has strong experience in big data persistence and real-time processing of any kind of industrial data taking advantage of highest-class signal processing algorithms, including modelling, automatic threshold setting, resampling, feature extradition, and prediction.