ESE is an engineering company that deals with power generation in the broader sense of the term, from conventional thermal power plants and cogeneration plants up to renewable energy as hydroelectric, thermal solar and biomass plants. ESE deals as well with treatment of power plant industrial waste (waste to energy plants) and district heating and cooling systems. ESE was founded in 1994 by partners with a broad experience in the power generation industry. Currently ESE is composed by a permanent staff of 12 people, and takes advantage of the services of a number of consultants. The consultants bring to ESE their high-level technical skills, reached in decades of experience in all the fields of power generation industry: process, mechanical, electrical, piping, I&C and civil aspects, project engineering and project management, conceptual, basic and detailed engineering, services for materials procurement, cost quantification and feasibility studies, plants operation and management. ESE has in the last years accrued a significant knowledge in the field of solar power, in all its different configurations, and is strongly motivated to bring the value of its expertise in the design stages of the project.

Role in the PreFlexMS project:

  • ESE will be responsible for the basic process and control engineering of the full-scale and pilot Once-Through Steam Generators, as well as for the coordination of the engineering work during this project phase. The capabilities of ESE in accomplishing these project stages come from its deep knowledge of the process and control of Once-Through Steam Generators, of the requirements of molten salt systems, as well as the experience in project engineering and management of its staff.