GE Renewable Energy is a large multinational company part of General Electric. It is based in France and provides equipment and services in the field of renewable power generation, for a wide range of energy sources, including hydro, on-shore and off-shore wind and solar. Renewable Steam Plants is the business unit that is actively involved in concentrated solar power with integrated molten salt storage. GE seeks to develop fully dispatchable technologies in the solar sector that allow greater integration of renewables on the utility scale grid. The Renewable Steam Plants unit has operations in France (General Electric France) and Switzerland (General Electric (Switzerland) GmbH). The Swiss branch leads and coordinates the overall R&D effort, focuses on business development and carries out the thermo-economic plant performance modelling and optimization.

Role in the PreFlexMS project:

  • System integration of process, arrangement, instrumentation, control, equipment and mechanical design.
  • Power plant performance modelling with dedicated in-house software.
  • Concept level engineering for the full-scale product and detailed engineering of the down-scale demonstrator.