Solargis is an international consultancy and technology company in the field of solar resource assessment and photovoltaic energy simulation. We make use of the latest scientific knowledge and innovations to gear our clients with the high-quality information on solar resource potential, weather-driven conditions and related risks for solar energy technologies. We have developed innovative solutions to support all stages of solar projects development: strategic mapping, planning, design optimisation, monitoring, forecasting and grid management. The team of the company builds upon 25 years of expertise in the geoinformatics, remote sensing, and environmental modelling. This includes research and development activities in solar energy and photovoltaics for more than 14 years. With its solar and meteo data and online services Solargis covers more than 99% of the world’s population. In our solar models, we have introduced a number of innovations and improvements over other existing approaches and Solargis database has been identified as the most reliable solar resource database, especially DNI (Direct Normal Irradiance) resource ( We are members of the International Energy Agency, expert group – Task 46, which is dedicated to standardisation and defining best practices.

Role in the PreFlexMS project:

  • The team will adapt the forecast model based on cloud-motion vectors from satellite data for prediction of DNI. Several satellite data will be tested (each satellite mission has its own specific features, which have to be reflected in the forecast model). We will analyse developed approaches using our satellite-based DNI data and data from ground measuring stations. We will implement harmonized data flow infrastructure and evaluate commercial potential of existing DNI forecasting methods.