STF Group has an historical presence (1937) in the power field, becoming in the beginning one of the main suppliers of Enel. STF is a company in continuous evolution, devoted to constant improvements, both in engineering solutions and manufacturing processes, in the area of Power and Heat Generation Technology. STF is specialised in high-tech power generation and industrial plant constructions and can handle the whole production cycle, from conceptual and detail design up to manufacturing, installation and service for around twenty diversified systems and products, including complex turnkey deliveries. STF can supply complete equipment such as:

  • HRSG (for Gas Turbine Type from 120 to 300 MW), Auxiliaries and Industrial Boilers for power and industrial applications
  • Heat Transfer Equipment (feedwater heaters, steam water condenser) in the conventional and nuclear power projects (ASME stamp N certified).

Features of our technologies are especially suitable for heavy duty and cycling operation. Our further international strength was the acquisition, in year 2002, of the company Burmeister & Wain Energy (BWE A/S), based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Through our BWE office we keep investing efforts for constant improvement of our knowledge and technologies in the combustion systems and burners design for solid fuels and gas.

Role in the PreFlexMS project:

  • Conceptual and basic engineering for a full scale OTSG (100 MWe)
  • Basic and detail engineering of a skid OTSG (down-scale) for pilot plant
  • Fabrication, delivery, installation & commissioning of the plant in Portugal