University of Evora has created the Renewables Energies Chair on November 2010, and the Chairman is Prof. Dr. Manuel Collares-Pereira, with a long and well recognized career in R,D&D in the area of Non Imaging Optics applied to solar energy collection, in particular in Solar Energy Concentrators, for different applications, including solar electricity. Another topic which has also been investigated by the Chairman is solar energy radiation statistics, essential for many of the present day tools used in PV systems performance prediction. Solar electricity includes photovoltaic, both conventional and with concentrators (HCPV), as well as solar thermal electricity. One of the latest research developments has been the Linear Fresnel Concentrator, exploring a new concept said to be “Etendue Matched” and concentrating to the limits allowed by first principles in optics. Through the RE Chair the University has founded the IPES- Portuguese Solar Energy Institute, a new organization seeking to add value to the R,D&D activities of its associates, which include a large number of companies active in the solar energy area, other R,D institutions and energy associations. The Chair collaborates with the Physics Department and the Mechatronics and Energy Engineering program, both with particular capacities in the areas of Power Electronics, grid interfaces and control and smart grids.

Role in the PreFlexMS project:

  • Operate and manage the demonstration facility, following the test plan defined by the project team. Support in activities related to forecast and dispatch.