An organisational structure with procedures, information and decision-making mechanisms that are suitable for the scale of the project will be implemented to ensure the smooth progression of PreFlexMS:


General Assembly

The General Assembly will include at least one representative from each beneficiary. The General Assembly shall be chaired by the Project Coordinator and meetings twice per year will ensure global project-level communication.

Steering committee

The Steering committee will be chaired by the Project Coordinator (CEA). It will gather each WP leader to assure technical follow-up, identification of risks and intra-consortium communication. It will be the decision-making body in the consortium (acceptance of amendments to the Grant Agreement, strategic decisions, implementation of contingency plans, etc.).

Management Team

The day-to-day Management Team shall comprise an Administrative Manager and the Project Coordinator. It shall manage, monitor and assess scientific, administrative, financial and contractual aspects, discerning key quality indicators and implementing managerial procedures. It will remind partners about upcoming deadlines, notably concerning deliverables, milestones, risks and contingency plans. Finally, the Management Team will help with the organisation of project meetings.