Feed water tank with deaerator

Description: Direct contact water electrical heater

In the framework of the project PreFlexMS, a consortium of partners, such as the Institute of Solar Research of the DLR, General Electric, University of Évora, ESE and STF, will erect, commission and operate a once-through steam generator within a solar-thermal pilot power plant with molten salt as heat transfer fluid. As a component of the water and steam cycle, a feed water tank with deaerator shall be procured.

Technical data:

  • Feed water deaerator and tank system
  • Purpose: water reserve and suction head for feed water pump, direct contact heater, and feed water deaerator
  • Design temperature: 250°C
  • Design pressure: 34 barg
  • Operating pressure: 27 bar (nominal) to 8 bar
  • Gross volume : 2 m³
  • Useful volume (between Normal and LowLow Water Level : 0.8 m³
  • Vertical cylindrical shell
  • Including all necessary internals, man-hole, nozzles for piping and instrumentation connections
  • Level stand pipe
  • Steam injection devices, including headers, loading pipes, thermal sleeve, internal supports, with all required baffle plates and protections against erosion
  • Supports adapted to the weight of the feed water deaerator and to the site conditions
  • Maximum dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 3m x 2.5m x 2.5m

The complete technical specifications can be downloaded from the Subreport Portal only after signing the Confidentiality and non-use agreement (Vertraulichkeitsvereinbahrung). Please consider further notes of the tender documents.

The deadline for application is on 30.01.2017

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