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Did You Know? For good fruit development, a female watermelon flower needs to 1, grains of pollen—and that can take a whopping 21 visits from busy bees. By June, the melons are off and running—their fat-leafed vines escaping garden beds as orbs of juicy deliciousness grow bigger and bigger. Study up on growing tips to ensure that your fruit makes it all the way to the picnic table. Beginners often do best with cantaloupes, she notes.

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Plus, some varieties grow on a more compact vine. The average watermelon, though? A single plant can hog 24 square feet. Melons require lo of H2O, and—to avoid splitting—they need it on a consistent basis. Drip irrigation works best, delivering refreshment to the root zone while keeping foliage dry, thus cutting down on disease. Always cut back on watering when fruits are about a week away from harvest—this will concentrate their ature sweet flavors. But know that misshapen fruit is often caused by poor pollination. Be sure not to slice too soon! Most melons bear their first ripe fruit in 70 to 90 days.

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Want to spice up your melon crop next year? Try these heirloom varieties. The City Magazine Since Search form. Growing the Biggest, Juiciest Melons.

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June Anna Miller. Tips on making your fruit the star of the picnic table. When to Harvest.

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Plant a lush grouping that requires little effort and offers plenty of drama. Garden Tips. Flight Plans. Learn to plant for the butterflies—and their caterpillar counterparts. On the Green Scene.

Free mature Charleston South Carolina flesh

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Growing the Biggest, Juiciest Melons