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Phone: Monday Closed. Tuesday Closed. Wednesday AM - PM. Thursday Closed. Friday Closed. Saturday Closed. Sunday Closed. Our line of hearing aids provides you with a full range of innovative des that are tailored to your specific needs. Tell us about your experience with this center.

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Book your appointment online. Please select date and time Limited availability. Would you rather receive a call? Schedule your free hearing test. Request an appointment. Need help or want to book an appointment? Give us a call for assistance. Call us.

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Thanky you Registration completed. We're locally owned, and our hearing aid center provides a variety of digital hearing aids and accessories that can clarify the sounds and voices around you. Learn more Close. Chris A. Pro Professional Experience Chris has been in the hearing industry since Chris has been a member of the International Hearing Society since In Chris earned his Audioprosthologist title. Chris is the 22nd person to become d in the State of Illinois to dispense hearing aids.

Chris's favorite part of working at Miracle-Ear is when a patient uses the word "love" when describing their hearing instruments. Anthony B. Pro Professional Experience Anthony has been a part of the hearing care industry since in various capacities. Anthony has been helping patients hear better since Anthony has spent his entire professional career as a part of the Miracle-Ear system. Anthony received his Bachelor of Science degree from Loyola University. Anthony's favorite part of working at Miracle-Ear is carrying on his father's legacy of creating and consistently providing the absolute highest standard of hearing healthcare for all of his patients.

My favorite thing about my position is that it allows me to interact with each and every one of our patients. I truly enjoy hearing the stories they share with me about how their Miracle-Ear hearing aids have impacted their lives! In I transitioned to Office Manager.

I love seeing what Miracle-Ear does every day for patients in our community. It feels great coming to work knowing that I help improve people's quality of life! Directions and parking. Our store specializations. Hearing loss. Hearing loss Hearing loss can happen to anyone. Today, more than 48 million Americans have some degree of hearing loss. There are three types of hearing loss: sensorineural, conductive and mixed hearing loss.

While many elements can contribute to hearing loss, age and exposure to loud noise are the two most common. s of hearing loss include turning the TV volume up, difficulty hearing on the phone or asking people to repeat themselves. Luckily, hearing aids are a great treatment option for many.

Tinnitus Do you hear buzzing, humming or ringing in the ears? Nearly 10 to 15 percent of American adults have tinnitus. While most people experience moments or brief periods of hearing ringing in the ears at some time in their lives, some people experience tinnitus more regularly. Tinnitus is not a condition itself, but rather a symptom of another condition.

The good news?

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Hearing aids can help. Hearing aid repairs. Just like other pieces of technology, they can sometimes experience technical issues. The issue could be caused by one of a few things, including the internal tubing, microphone or case.

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Hearing aid aftercare At Miracle-Ear, we know that if we, together, take care of your hearing aid, it will take care of you. It's extremely important to us that your device is functioning properly and allowing you to live life to the fullest.

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That's why we offer free lifetime service and hearing aid aftercare, making sure to see each of our customers, on average, five times a year. This includes clean and checks, adjustments, repairs and annual hearing tests. Hearing protection. Our custom hearing protection solutions are tailored to specific activities and environments and custom made to the shape of your ears for maximum comfort. We offer custom hearing protection products for swimmers, hunters and music lovers.

Your hearing instrument specialist will take a mold of your ear while you're in the office. This is quick and painless!

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It will then get sent to the manufacturer, where your hearing aid will be created just for you. Custom-fit hearing aids are extremely comfortable, discreet and provide very natural sound quality. Deed to keep you safe. Just select a date and time:. Give us a call to book your appointment: Innovative Des. Connected With Bluetooth Technology. Being the third-leading chronic health issue among Americans, loss of hearing can affect anyone at any age.

If you have a family history of hearing loss or you take ototoxic medicine, you may suffer from hearing problems. Other s may include: Avoiding noisy environments due to hearing issues Being nervous about meeting new people due to hearing problems Straining to understand words in a conversation Feeling stressed because you can't understand what people are saying The good news is that you don't have to suffer from hearing loss if you get a reliable hearing solution. When you come to our hearing aid center, our experienced hearing care specialists will help you find the best match for your needs.

Call us to take advantage of our free hearing test in Freeport today. Write a review.

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