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About Privacy Policy. Visit Blog. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. Luv Buggy. Looks like a normal scene right? Scarecrow terrorizing the town with his fear gas. But when you look closer I luv them Bestest fren Bug Buggy Crys' fren buggo. I hope you're feeling better, I'll start drafting it for my folder tonight.

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Hello i just really luved this paragraph and i would really luv if u made more buggy x reader with a whole lot of lemon plz and if u do plz send me the link to my plz and thank u. Do I fucking look like a postal service? Also: nice to know you complimented me only in hopes to get more of content for your specific taste.

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Photo: YouTube. After a few listens, I must say, evermore absolutely fucks. If folklore is Piper Halliwell — subtle, thoughtful, stressful — then evermore is Prue, in that her power is unmatched and she will kill you. The piano intro alone is enough to politely tap me over the edge. What was I talking about?

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Oh yeah, this song is about heartbreak or whatever. So, yeah, read a fucking book. Cover me in moss and dew and lay me next to a damp log to suffer through this album. The song follows a woman named Este named for Este Haim whose husband cheats on her. Writing yourself in as the fourth Haim sister? A cheating husband? Being in cahoots over a life insurance policy?

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Honestly, Dorothea needs to leave this Christian flop behind and go back to being a lifeless atheist. Christmas Cheer?? In this Great Depression???? The song is a teary ode to a lover who passed away. Did I shatter you? Sagittarius Season is upon us, folx. Taylor, noted Sag, says she released evermore to celebrate her 31st birthday, which is December The drama! Again, exhausting. I cannot read nor do math — just give it to me straight. Reportedly, this is the most autobiographical song on evermore.

I love wholesome grandparent content. On evermore, track 13 eulogizes her grandmother Marjorie Finlay, who was an opera singer. Honestly, I respect a woman who beefs. This whole album is Taylor just absolutely mad with power, swinging her strap around post-Grammy noms.

Thank you so much bby, i did have a great day! If u get it u shld go thru the whole main questline if u want at first but ive done that thrice and now I just do everything besides the main questline omg my dark elf girlie is like level 60 iirc??? Eso if u have all the dlcs! But its also super fun without them. FAVE game on earth its the tyoe of game u put down after completeig and the. I've been very off lately and haven't had any energy to function - I went to look ur Patreon and the app has been buggy lately so I was wondering if you've posted anything lately or is my app just not working properly for me?

Hi baby! I want to trim the taglist so it takes me less time. Under is just the taglist. Hewo Hat I am new to your blog but I luv what u do and I was wondering if u could do more Buggy the clown HCS just to see how he is with love and everything that has to do with luv.

At the moment my requests are closed, so I'm unable to accept this ask, but please feel free to come back next time and re-request it when the box is open!!

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