Handyman in need of work

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These sites offer a unique advantage to handymen businesses in that you can find lots of handyman jobs online from clients who are ready to hire. But before you bid, wait! Instead, it takes time and plenty of practice before you start winning over customers. This site allows you to search through projects posted by homeowners near you. This juggernaut site allows you to quickly browse handyman projects based on your location.

This site is similar to HomeAdvisor in that it heavily focuses on contractors; however, handymen who specialize in residential projects stand a good chance of finding work waiting for them on this site. Project can range in size and type, so you can find some interesting work on a regular basis. Think of this site as social media for individual neighborhoods.

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Folks can post updates, ask questions, and look for services recommended by their fellow locals. This is a HUGE advantage to handymen, because you can post your services here for free and start building up a local base. If you're just starting out, we recommend avoiding sites like Angie's List for now, since they can be pretty pricey to and manage. Poke around these sites to get a feel for how they work. In general, they all share one similarity: They help connect customers with handymen who can get the project done.

Before you can even start bidding on handyman jobs online, you'll need to register and create a profile. We recommend spending a decent amount of time on your profile, as it will likely be the first touchpoint potential clients have with your business. In addition to this basic info, you should also include a few short paragraphs about what you bring to the table. Get a few friends or family members to read over what you wrote and ask what they think.

So you can get back to what matters: Your business. To increase the odds of getting your bid noticed, try out the following strategies:. They develop a basic bid and shoot it off to any project they like - without tweaking or customizing it for the particular project. It makes a huge difference, as a customer wants to feel as though you actually took the time to read their project post. Introduce yourself, mention where you saw their project, and ask any follow-up questions you might need to provide the client with an estimate. In this case, the old saying is definitely true - the early bird gets the worm!

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Be sure to bring your portfolio with you, even if a potential client has already seen your work. It can be helpful to remind them what your work looks like. Hiring online can be a scary prospect for a customer. Remember to ask every client to leave you a review after a project - it helps build up a solid portfolio of online reviews. One of the biggest complains that customers have about getting handyman quotes is that the final project estimate can be wildly different from the initial estimate. Resist the temptation of lowballing a client just to win their project.

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Handyman in need of work

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Where to Find Handyman Work and How Not to Miss Business Opportunities