In need of a mother figure

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Entire schools of psychology and sociology focus on the damage parents can do.

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This actually requires a lot more thought and effort than keeping the toxic cleaners out of reach and teaching a toddler to stop biting. Even young adults need a mother or father figure to help them navigate the hazards of sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll that crop up as they age.

Simple things, like making sure children are well-fed, are not so simple. Not to be sexist, but moms are traditionally the organizers of family meals, and these meals have proven to be extremely beneficial and not only in providing and modeling healthy diet.

Mother figures are also crucial in promoting a healthy body imageparticularly among young females.

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Self esteem le us to another key role of mother and father figures — developing emotional stability. Parents are often on the front line in equipping children with what they need to cope with trauma. Creativity and energy can be tricky though. And what about learning? Did your parents help you to be smarter?

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Parents can and should and often do help kids become better learners through the development of some critical skills:. At the end of the day, being a good parent is a tall order. So, if you are reasonably happy and not too much of a threat to others, perhaps you can thank your mom or dad, or anyone who helped you turn out pretty okay.

This is so true. As a young adult I still long for the love and support I never received when my parents were alive.

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I feel so alone. You have much company in the world of adult orphans.

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I think there are also many seniors out there who feel alone. Maybe we need to foster each other? Hang in there! Home About Blog Menu.

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Be a mother-figure to someone