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Reader advisory: Some s of sexual assault in this story contain explicit details and strong language that some may find upsetting or objectionable. That lawsuit was settled. Ten more people filed another lawsuit against the priest and his former employer in Aprilalleging the priest sexually assaulted them, or attempted to.

One of them says she was a minor at the time. As of late June, he still belonged to the World Communion of Christian Celtic Convergence Churches, an organization with headquarters in the United Kingdom that accepted him as a priest in January His defense attorney, Ralph Torres, declined to comment on the lawsuit filed earlier this year. It had been several days since he first noticed the blood in his urine and the bruising around his groin. His family had introduced him to Father Antonio in hope of the priest helping Luis, who had struggled with an addiction to meth, get back on his feet.

KQED is not using the real names of alleged sexual assault survivors in this story. The intensity of the massage was so forceful that the priest often left bruises, Luis later testified. He had told his mom and girlfriend that he had been hurt at his construction job. It seemed easier that way, he said. A man touches another adult … what was I going to say — he touched me?

Luis eventually told authorities that it was during these massages — which the priest said he needed to expel a curse from his body — that Father Antonio sexually assaulted him. He said the priest told him that he needed to see his semen to determine the exact curse or illness afflicting him. So far, nine people — eight men, including Luis, and one woman — have been listed as alleged victims in the criminal case, according to court testimony. His case, which was expected to go to trial this year, has been delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Nothing unusual about that. Witnesses who testified at a fall preliminary hearing said the priest told them they were cursed, rubbed oil on their genitals or convinced them they had to masturbate in front of him to be healed. Others kept the alleged abuse hidden from their own family members who, they later discovered, were also alleged victims. The case raises questions about the vulnerability of adults, including undocumented immigrants, to sexual abuse in the church, and reveals how religious institutions are struggling to respond — decades after the systemic cover-up of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church first came to light.

Or am I even man enough? You feel like they stole your identity. Parishioners said he subscribed to healing practices that included laying hands on the body to cure illnesses and performed cleansing rituals involving white candles, sheets and rubbing oil and salt on the body. She said the priest told her some men needed healing because a former wife or girlfriend had cursed them. She said she never saw him improperly touch anyone.

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Yes, he does it. In the Pentecostal and charismatic Catholic traditions, it is common for a faith leader to advertise himself as an instrument of God, said professor Kristy Nabhan-Warren, chair of Catholic studies at the University of Iowa.

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I would say that it's a problem of concentration of power and lack of oversight. Juan Diego parish, in Cowiche, a minute drive northwest of Yakima, Washington, from to Bishop Carlos A. Antonio has been wrongly accused. It is unclear if diocesan officials in Fresno ever told parishioners of Our Lady of Guadalupe about the allegation. They allege Castaneda sexually assaulted them and that the priest and the church violated their trust. Luis said the priest told him that because he had been with so many women, he was cursed.

I have to cure whatever it is you have.

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When Luis left the office, he said, his boxers were stained with blood. While it is common in some Latin American countries and in immigrant communities in the U. Abramson, who works as an expert witness in civil and criminal sex abuse cases. The following day, police and prosecutors held a press conference urging more victims to come forward. They were sick and they wanted to heal. After being defrocked by the Catholic and Anglican churches, he had been ordained a minister by the World Communion of Christian Celtic Convergence Churches, headquartered in the United Kingdom. This could be a factor motivating false accusations being made against Fr.

It is unclear how many of the alleged victims have applied for U visas — for victims of crimes who cooperate with law enforcement in investigating or prosecuting a criminal case. But community advocates and police have pushed back, saying coming forward puts accusers under even more scrutiny by federal officials. Citizenship and Immigration Services? Do you have information or story tips you would like to share? the reporter: ahall kqed. Search-Icon Created with Sketch.

KQED is a proud member of. Always free. In. KQED Inform. Save Article Save Article. The California Report Magazine. Listen 27 min. Alexandra Hall. Jun 26, Failed to save article Please try again. Luis is a pseudonym. But, in earlyLuis and another man agreed to be interviewed by detectives. The priest would ask her to leave the room at a certain point during the prayer. To figure out how he needed to be healed, he said the priest told him he needed to see his semen.

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'He Played With People’s Minds': Fresno Priest Left a Trail of Sexual Abuse Allegations