Looking for a fun party girl

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Written By. Published on Sep 14, Finding and planning the perfect ideas for the birthday party girl can sometimes prove a little challenging, so we've come up with them for you!

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Thinking about what themes are suitable, rustling up some party games that everyone will enjoy, sorting the best birthday food and generally ensuring that the birthday girl has a super fun party are just some exciting factors! Whether your little girl is into Disney and crafts or sports and food - we've got birthday party ideas for every 10th birthday girl on their special day.

Plus, you could even play some traditional games with a pink twist. For example, you could hide various pink objects around the party venue and have your very own scavenger hunt - first to find three objects wins! Who says year-old girls are too old to use a little imagination? Grab some arts and crafts supplies and have your very own kids mythical creatures birthday party!

Why not make your very own unicorn horns - all you need is card, felt tips, elastic and your imagination! Cut your card into strips approx 15cm long, draw on your unicorn horn and decorate as you wish. Then either tape or staple using an adult's help a small piece of elastic to either side of the card so that it fits around your head - voila! One of our personal fave girls birthday party ideas is a kids ice-cream party - especially as the weather heats up for the summer! How about setting up your own ice-cream parlour by simply laying out a whole range of toppings such as sauces, fresh fruit, sweet treats and of course, ice cream?

Or if you're feeling super adventurous, why not make your own ice-cream? To host your very own kids jewellery birthday party, grab some elastic and be of your choosing, then get to work. You could even get super creative by painting pasta or cereal and adding them to your bracelets - in the name of fashion, anything goes. You could even make friendship bracelets for each other and perhaps all the party guests could team up and make one extra special bracelet for the birthday girl!

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Everyone deserves a little pampering once in a while, especially on your birthday! Get together with your closest girlies and have your very own kids spa birthday party. Dress code: fluffy pyjamas and pretty nighties! Why not celebrate entering double digits with a massive pyjama slumber party? Grab the popcorn, blankets and pillows and whack on your favourite movie.

Not to mention the kid's party games - just no pillow fights, please!

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How about creating your very own selfie wall to remember the epic night long after the birthday party has ended? All you need is a camera, a tripod and a timer, and of course, your best poses! Don your bandanas and eye patches and get ready for an unforgettable kids pirate birthday party. Plus, you could use slices of orange to make ships and cucumber sticks to make wooden planks to really put you in the swashbuckling mood!

Grab your gingham blankets, picnic baskets and board games and take to the great outdoors! Perfect picnic snacks include finger sandwiches, strawberries and cream and who can resist an ice-lolly lollies are super simple and fun to make at home and often taste better than shop-bought ones because you can fill them with your own array of toppings!

Grab some glow sticks, sunglasses and maybe even some inflatable guitars and host your very own kids karaoke birthday party. Become princesses for the day! Don your glad rags, dine on some delicious afternoon tea and have a very royal kids birthday party. Start by deing and making your very own tiaras - use gems, glitter and your imaginations to come up with a regal and shimmering tiara fit for a queen! Then munch on some afternoon tea - scones with jam and cream, finger sandwiches and of course some royal sweet treats!

Ready, set, game, match! Whether your birthday girl is into swimming, football, cheerleading, tennis or anything between, hosting your very own sports party is bound to be super fun and unique. Ensure to have plenty of water on hand and, of course, some sweet treats to refuel!

As one of our fave party themes around, hosting a kids magic party is always bound to be a hit.

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Whether you hire a magician to show off some seriously impressive magic skills or rustle up your own magical workshop, kids are bound to leave feeling spellbound. Don't forget your wands! Ellie is a keen Londoner, thespian and foodie! She's the oldest of three and loves taking her younger siblings, aged nine and fourteen, on adventures to the theatre and food markets, trying new foods and dabbling in the world of musical theatre.

Some of her favourite spots include Primrose Hill and the Natural History Museum, not to mention the ever-changing Spitalfields Market. Written By Ellie Sylvester. Pink Party. Share this article. Get The Kidadl Newsletter 1,'s of inspirational ideas direct to your inbox for things to do with your .

Looking for a fun party girl

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