Looking for nsa fwb long term

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I never knew what I wanted beyond not to be alone.

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I want a friend with benefits. I want someone to watch tv with, send memes to, and have sex with. I thought I was clear about this in my profile. I figured, how much explanation could this possibly need? It seems like a relatively well understood concept. So why does every guy think that friends with benefits means no strings attached sex? This keeps happening - I match with a guy, conversation is good. We meet up, have some food, watch tv, have sex, cuddle, spend the night. We kiss goodbye. And then Communication either slows way down or they ghost entirely. In my experience if you want a FWB you have to start sleeping with one of your existing friends, rather than start with the sex and try and become friends.

Would you be open to that? If not maybe establish what you mean in the pre-meeting texting phase? How much emphasis are you placing on potential "friend" vetting with the guys you're hooking up with? It might be helpful to hold off on hooking up the first dates. Another thing is that you might actually be meeting genuinely nice guys that are potential friends that drift away.

So your friend radar may not be broken. This is too prescriptive. I actually liked your honest text here:. A friend will be supportive of you, or at least that's what I expect of friends. Really, you're looking for someone that you trust and get along with, but don't want a LTR. Only casual. Thank you, this has given me a lot to think about. Thanks again. I really appreciate your insight and I particularly appreciate your help rewording my profile to be better.

I think the issue is FWB means different things to different people. To many, especially on dating apps, it means fuck buddies without an emphasis on the friend part. Even then it would be pretty hard to screen out guys who just want to bang unless you actually get to know them for a bit before sleeping with them.

For the type of FWB you're looking for, you need to make sure that you guys would be comfortable as friends spending time together outside of sex and really do enjoy each others company. I'd also consider people you're friendLY with but not really "friends" as possibilities here. Also, has to be said: open, swingers, and poly might hit the mark here as people who are respectful and fun and are into casual but not NSA sex.

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Really great idea, thank you. I 40'sF was open to recurring casual when I first started dating after my divorce but I always felt I wasn't treated with enough respect to continue to see them. I think different people mean different things by FWB so I think you have to have a conversation about it. But, my impression from a little experience and comments here is that some people are going to intentionally treat someone fairly badly IMO in casual relationships in the hopes that neither person catches feelings for the other person. I don't like that. I think that's what you might be up against plus trying to weed out who is only looking for hookups.

There's a huge range in what people consider FWBs. I've had ones where we do what you suggest, and more of them which were essentially a nice regular hookup person with the occasional dinner beforehand. I think you're best off describing what you want specifically rather than using the term "FWB. As someone who's been hooking up PLENTY in the past year or so, and actually is not interested in any friendship beyond the sex, I can tell you that the guys who wanted a FWB situation with me are guys that were interested in me in a romantic way.

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Like others have commented - I think a FWB situation really does start with friendship that advances to sex, not the other way around. Male sexuality can be a bit. Blunt NSA one night stand sex followed by ghosting is the casual sex norm and anything beyond that is some kind of relationship that you may or may not get depending entirely on how much the guy likes you romantically. Does that make sense?

Are you expecting regular conversation, texting, calls, etc when you're not together? As a guy I can go weeks or sometimes months without talking to friends unless it's to make plans. I think this is pretty common. What shared interests do you have?

Riding bikes is my jam so any relationship, be it friends, dating, or FWBs starts with and regularly involves riding bikes. You have set it from the start as a very precise middle mark of flirty texting flirty not filthy and normal.

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To be fair, there are a lot of friendships that only exist due to a few shared interests. We don't have any other shared interests despite having known each other for over a decade. We don't watch TV together nor share memes. I think some of your "friends" may be with you because the two of you have good sex. It's not clear that you guys share anything else in common.

I've never had a true FWB before, but given that I have a lot of platonic friends who I meet only a few times a year, I wouldn't be surprised that it's not that easy to have true friendships in an FWB context. Essentially you're trying to force friendships to happen when there's nothing to bond over other than having slept together.

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Another issue is that the guy might already have an established group of friends to watch TV and share memes with. Why do that with you when he's been doing that with them for years? Be friends with someone first and then try to sleep with them. For example, you can a local Facebook group or Discord channel. Find someone you have a rapport with platonically and then try to hook up with him. Also what I'm after. Guys either treat me like an unpaid sex worker, or catch feelings and I have to end it with them. Not sure how to find it or why it's so difficult.

Guys say they'd always be down for casual sex, problem is, the respect is missing. If I want to message you now and then something funny or interesting, it doesn't mean I'm falling in love with you. Found the internet! Posted by 1 year ago. Anyone have any experience or insight relating to this? Sort by: best.

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I really appreciate your insight though, thanks. I actually liked your honest text here: I want a friend with benefits. Great insight! Thanks so much for taking the time to reply! Haha that does make sense, thank you! It's hard out there. Maybe them catching feelings is respect for you. TV time and texting memes is going to build a relationship.

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Looking for nsa fwb long term

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