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Added: Adan Christ - Date: Help kiddos decompress from their busy little days with some active pretend play. The best play dates encourage kids to get creative and let their imaginations shine, and one of our favorite ways to do that is to let them build a fort.

Indoor forts are just as awesome! Gather up some household items think plastic cups, pennies, balloons and play a few rounds of Minute to Win It. Kids of all ages can get into sensory play, which can include everything from making slime to painting with ice cubes. To explore some of our sensory play favorites. Keep them going strong with a snack that packs a nutritious punch. Interested in getting a little mini garden going all their own?

This is the perfect excuse to create a dino terrarium, or perhaps a fairy garden is more your style.

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This one can take place rain or shine, so it's perfect for any weather and the creation is part of the fun! Check out how to do it here. Organize a meeting of the superheroes and watch the afternoon fly by. A classic board game marathon is a great way to enjoy an afternoon with friends.

Pop a little popcorn, set up a cozy spot in the living room, sit back and watch your little gamers have fun the old-school way. Whether kids do it inside or out, a treasure hunt is always a blast. Check out our favorite hunts by clicking here.

One tot's trash is another tot's treasure, right? Have the minis bring a tired toy to swap for something new to them. And if parents want in, they can bring accessories like jewelry, scarves or ties to trade out, too. Invite your budding track and field stars over for an impromptu field day.

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Or just play some old-school yard games. Ready, set, go!

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They will come. Set up construction stations for budding builders with LEGO, Duplos, wooden blocks and more on the family room floor.

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Then let the cuties construct while parents catch up on the latest neighborhood news. Set up a few finger painting stations with smocks at the ready and get the grownups in on the action by offering them small canvases to paint on with acrylics. Plan for a mess and then let it go!

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Gather the littles and get out the polish for a mini-pedi party. Have friends bring their favorite color. You set out tools, lotions and sparkly embellishments. Parents can paint alongside the kids or play manicurist for the group. If you think this is beyond your skill set, think again. There are plenty of experiments that are easy to set up and require little to no supplies.

Get inspired by our favorite ideas here. Need a reason to finally start in on those adorable kid-friendly crafts filling up your Pinterest board? Make one or more the focus of your next play date gathering. Set up materials ahead of time to keep things on track. Then cut the kiddos loose. Handmade holiday gifts?

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Yes, please! Who needs the bright lights of Broadway when you have a living room or backyard? Set out all the dress-up stuff you've got on hand, suggest a few themes and see what your tiny thespians dream up. Oh the drama! No one parties like toddlers with their stuffies. Transform your living room into an animal sanctuary complete with an animal hospital, dog park and petting station. Then let the tot lot and their furry friends explore the animal kingdom. Start stockpiling the boxes that arrive at your doorstep and when you've got enough, invite over your kid's pit crew to make race cars, trains, spaceships and more with their blank cardboard canvases.

You supply markers, glue, stickers and dood, and let the little engineers take care of the rest.

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This is a play date activity that guarantees real, uninterrupted adult conversation! Content property of Red Tricycle Inc. Duplication, distribution or other uses by permission only. Plus our daily picks for the best things to see, do, eat and explore with your.

Get updates for topics you care about and let us help you be the rock star parent we know you are!

Online sex text chat Coronado market

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