Professional looking for younger

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Those articles usually focus on the importance of losing weight and getting in shape, and sometimes on plastic surgery. But it takes time to get in shape and lose weight and hopefully you have, or will have, interviews coming up soon. Young people are always going to be better at looking young than you are. Rather than focusing on how to look younger, this article is my opinionated view about what really works to look healthier, and more vital.

The emphasis is on low-cost options that work quickly. Everything that follows has been tested by me, and by my clients. These techniques will help you create a good impression in interviews and also help you feel your best. When we meet someone, that first impression is impacted by how they look, and clothing contributes greatly to that impression, for better or worse. Here are some important aspects to consider:. Wearing colors that flatter you is probably the single best way to make yourself look healthier, and therefore more vital. When I was out of state dealing with a harrowing family emergency, to cheer myself up I revamped my wardrobe following suggestions about colors that would suit me.

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When I returned, exhausted, I got continual comments on how great I looked. They also publish a book with tips for men. The books are available, used, on Amazon, starting at one penny. Low on cash? Borrow from a friend, or shop second-hand.

Choose clothing that is one step up than you would wear day-to-day in your new role. For example: if you would be wearing jeans and a tee-shirt, wear khakis and a polo shirt to your interview. If you would wear a sport jacket and slacks, wear a suit. If you decide to dye your hair, I recommend you opt to do it yourself only if you are covering a bit of grey or changing your shade slightly.

If your facial hair looks attractive and distinctive, keep it. Ask the women in your life to be frank with you. There are now skin care products that really will improve your skin tone and lessen the impression of fine lines. However, your ruddiness can lessen, your dull skin can refresh, and fine lines can become less visible — very quickly. More good news is that low-cost products you can buy at your local drug store can perform as well as high-priced brands.

Consult Beautypedia, for detailed, science-based reviews of skincare for men and women, and for makeup. Want to see fast? Start with products for exfoliation. Stand up straight — even straighter. Or, try the old trick of imagining a string attaching the top of your head to the ceiling works great. Picture the string pulling up your skeleton. Really stretch, and then let your muscles relax.

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This does wonders for your energy and your appearance. If these suggestions sound like a lot to do, choose one, and follow through. Taking action on any one of these suggestions will make a noticeable difference in your appearance, and probably, motivate you to try another, and then another.

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Professional looking for younger

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50 Ways to Look Younger in Your 50s