WP2: Business plan development and overall economic assessment

The Project Coordinator shall be assisted in his Work package by experienced internal resources, by the Management Team and by a dedicated, experienced project Office (management subcontractor). ALSTOM FR as Project Coordinator does not plan to subcontract primary project management activities. The Project Office will support the coordinator and the partners only at the micro-management level. It will provide tools and specific templates associated to guidelines in order to follow-up the progress of the project and to be able to consolidate reports. This work package is led by: ALSTOM CH.


  • To define the various solar electricity pricing scenarios which are expected to evolve in target markets (Feed-in-tariff, time-of-delivery, electricity trading, ancillary services)
  • To define the expected NPV improvement of the overall plant per scenario compared to the baseline
  • To calculate the overall improvement in total cost of ownership by incorporating the predictability and flexibility features of the plant
  • To evaluate, track and control technical risks
  • To create and update this business model based on results from the technical WPs, related to
  • Algorithms and control concepts developed for weather forecasting and measurements
  • Technical performance of Molten Salt Once-Through Steam Generator integration
  • Feasibility of the studied processes: identification of potential sites of operation and engineering design
  • Quality, markets and price of the products/services
  • To recommend a business development and commercial exploitation plan of the technologies and processes for the consortium as well as individual partners
  • To recommend best strategies to develop a strong export oriented market entry for consortium partners
  • To evaluate financial needs for the ramp-up of the Molten Salts Solar Power Plant implementation to mass market.