WP5: IT HW/SW implementations

The aim of this work package is to implement the functional control system for the CSP plant, taking advantage of the dispatch, machine learning and weather forecast algorithms developed in WP3 and WP4. This WP is divided into two distinct group of tasks, each having 3 tasks. Task 5.1 will be development of the architecture of the solution. Task 5.2 implements algorithms from previous WPs. Task 5.3 will be development of data interfaces necessary to transmit data between external sources to the system. Task 5.4 includes concept-level engineering of the product/solution for a full scale (100 MW) plant. Task 5.5 will prepare detailed engineering of the product/solution for the demo plant. Task 5.6 will include implementation and operation of the demo plant. This work package is led by: EC-Systems.


  • Implement algorithms and control concepts developed for weather forecasting, machine learning and dispatch optimisation WPs in actual hardware and software modules
  • Risk-assess control architecture and safety features
  • Develop the data handling and transmission infrastructure specification
  • Develop the control system architecture specification for full-scale plant
  • Implement hardware and software integration into control system for the demonstrator
  • Evaluate, track and control technical risks