WP6: Molten Salt Once-Through Steam Generator integration

This work package will be executed in two phases. Firstly, a full scale flexible Once-Through Steam Generator (OTSG) design will be developed for 100 MWe steam generation plants. The design shall be brought to a point in which all the key dynamic aspects of the OTSG will be clearly outlined. Secondly, the full scale design will be scaled down to the size of the pilot. Engineering of the pilot will be carried out, bringing ahead the key design aspects in parallel, with an iterative design strategy taking into account mutual interactions between dynamics, process, control, equipment and system design. In parallel, key tests and testing strategies to validate significant aspects of the OTSG will be identified as an input for the demonstration stage. Finally, detailed engineering of equipment and system shall be carried out to provide inputs to the fabrication and procurement phases. This work package is led by: ESE.


  • Identify the main design parameters that affect flexibility of OTSG (Once-Through Steam Generator)
  • Develop process design with consideration of system dynamic behaviour and component design
  • Model the full-scale system including dynamic parameters of the OTSG
  • Develop operation and control concept, based on results of dynamic simulation
  • Develop conceptual design of full-scale steam generator heat exchangers
  • Develop design of scale-down demonstrator: Process, electrical, arrangement, heat exchangers, heat rejection, and balance of plant
  • Model the scale-down system including dynamic parameters of the OTSG
  • Manufacture demonstrator: Steam generator and integrated system skid for site installation
  • Follow up on installation and operation of the demonstrator