WP8: Evaluation and benchmarking

This work package comprises the plant economic [task 8.1], performance [task 8.2] and benchmarking [task 8.3] modeling, technical and qualitative evaluation of test results [task 8.4], consolidation of technical risk analysis [task 8.5], and life-cycle analysis [task 8.6]. This work package is led by: USTUTT.


  • Develop a plant performance model to incorporate results of validated test campaigns
  • Develop a plant economic model according to scenarios (WP2)
  • Perform full-scale plant performance simulations according to scenarios (WP2)
  • Assess results versus benchmarks with respect to KPIs
  • Perform a Life Cycle Assessment of impacts on environment, economy and society
  • Consolidate the evaluation of technical risks from all WP and issue corrective actions