WP9: Dissemination and Exploitation

This work package comprises the dissemination and communication [task 9.1] of the project, including website and core dissemination tools, publications and standardization inputs, conferences and trade fairs, as well as workshop and training. This work package also includes the exploitation, IPR Management [task 9.2]. More specifically, the different activities related to the exploitation of the results will include the identification of the exploitable results, the determination of the freedom of operation and the evaluation of the economic viability, reviewing information to be provided by WP2 on Business Case. This work package is led by: CENER.


  • To create PreFlexMS core dissemination tools, including a logo, public website, video, poster, and project brochure.
  • To broadly disseminate information about the project and its expected impacts to a wide group of stake-holders and the general public
  • To prepare and hold the PREFLEXMS Workshop.
  • To create and update the project Exploitation Plan
  • To manage IPR
  • To report on dissemination and exploitation activities