Sex contact in Raleigh

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There is much you already know from having been placed on the Sex Offender Registry. Depending upon the nature of your conviction, and whether you are subject to registration or satellite monitoring, there are steps you can take to improve your situation going forward.

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Law Enforcement or prison officials most likely informed you that North Carolina law stipulates two of sex offender registration: lifetime registration and registration for up to 30 years. Since no case is the same, Manning Law Firm will work tirelessly to locate the differentiating factor in your case. Depending upon your predicament statute violated, terms set by the sentencing judge, type of registration, etc.

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Manning Law Firm can evaluate your case and tell you where you stand. We can assist you in analyzing and accurately assessing your individual situation to determine your eligibility for removal from the Sex Offender Registry.

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We have a long history of helping clients petition for early removal from the Sex Offender Registry, and we can find and provide accurate information regarding your status in these matters. In other words, we will fight day and day out for your future.

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Sex contact in Raleigh

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