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Those who post sexy photos may risk negative reactions from their peers, but those who post more wholesome photos may lose out on social rewards, such as greater attention from males, she said. But neither is Daniels particularly surprised that many young females post provocative photos. Daniels conducted her research while on the faculty at Oregon State University-Cascades in Bend and received two grants to support the study.

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She is now an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs. For the study, Daniels created two mock Facebook profiles for the fictitious year-old Amanda Johnson. The only difference between the two was the profile photo. The photos were actual high school senior portrait and prom photos of a real young woman who allowed the photos to be used for the experiment.

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Study participants, all from the Bend area, were 58 teen girls, ages 13 to 18, and 60 young adult women no longer in high school, ages 17 to They were randomly ased one of the profiles and asked questions based on that profile. In all three areas, the nonsexy profile scored higher, indicating that those who viewed that photo thought Amanda was prettier, more likely to make a good friend and more likely to complete a task.

The largest difference was in the area of task competence — 4. Daniels said she believes her research speaks to the need of parents and other adults to help teens appreciate the implications of their online behavior. But might boys, along with girls, tend to judge a female who posts a sexy photo less competent to complete tasks?

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