Swing Club in Miami

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I come from a small place where Swinging is very underground, there are no Lifestyle clubs here. I am vacationing to Miami for a week soon and was wondering about the Swingers Clubs there. I am a BBW my husband is a Big and tall man would we fit in somewhere like this?

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Would we be the only plus sized couple? Well, some people on here are about to figure out one of my throwaway s, but here goes. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but having been to both Miami Velvet and Trapeze, I would say you are not likely to find much "success" at swingers clubs down here.

South Florida is a very image-conscious place. People down here, generally, are in pretty good shape, and it's even moreso the case at swingers clubs. Out of Miami Velvet and Trapeze up in Lauderdaleyour best chance of finding another couple to hook up with is at Trapeze, because Miami Velvet has a lot of really beautiful women that are in great shape and the club's demographic skews younger avg. Trapeze has an older crowd with the average age of the women on a Saturday night being around mid-late 40s. All that being said, even though the crowd at Trapeze is older, you'll see a lot of 50 year-old women in that club who have been to terrific plastic surgeons sporting bodies that would put many something women to shame.

I once hosted a woman who was a fairly good-looking something from New England that was in average shape. She was probably considered pretty hot where she came from, but down here she wasn't someone who you gave a second glance to.

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She was excited about going to Trapeze and hooking up with some women there, but within an hour of being at the club, she was intimidated by the women there and was ready to go home. I won't say you'll definitely be the only plus-sized couple, but you will likely have a tough time finding another.

If you can go to enjoy the sights and sounds and are fine just hooking up with each other that night, you might find it possibly worth it to go to Velvet and see what it's like to be in the middle of a porn video made real. One caveat, I'm only talking about the two "big" clubs in S. There are other smaller clubs that might be more of what you're looking for. Deenie's Hideaway is up in Northern Broward, which will be a long drive from Miami, is one that comes to mind.

You should ask around on swinglifestyle. Swinging clubs here are very accepting to my knowledge. Check out Miami Velvet. I used to work at a hotel that had a weekend where it was rented out to a swinger festival. People were having fun all around the hotel. The ballroom, the pool, the hallways, stairwells, etc.

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I worked valet for the event and helped people checking in and such. There were people from all different walks of life. Not one person was rude that weekend. Various sizes, races, languages, etc. I honestly think you'll find the community welcoming as long as you are respectful of course.

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Found the internet! Swingers Lifestyle Clubs Miami - Questions. Posted by 7 years ago. Throwaway for discretion reasons Sort by: best. LOL I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but having been to both Miami Velvet and Trapeze, I would say you are not likely to find much "success" at swingers clubs down here. Good luck. Reply Share. Miami velvet closed some time ago, no? Continue this thread.

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Swing Club in Miami

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