Tall cute and single

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Some things in life are perfect just as they areā€¦ like short girls having tall boyfriends.

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The tall guy and short girl advantages in a relationship are numerous. I still remember the way Amitabh Bachchan would pull a stool closer so that Jaya Ji would climb on it to adjust his tie. And the hug that follows, ahha, evokes a soft, mushy feeling that is so primal yet protective. There are advantages to this tall-short relationship actually.

We tell you how.

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Related Reading: Divided by language and a foot in height, they still managed to convince their families for their marriage. Well this is a question that has been asked since eternity and we are not sure if the concrete answer to this question has been found. But there are some quick explanations we have just check these out. There are distinct advantages of a tall and short relationship. If you have not noticed it already. Let us tell you. On the trekking trailsyou will always get the farthest wildflowers hand-plucked. Guess you are that way reaping the tall guy and short girl advantages.

Nearer home, in fixing your light bulbs and fans, and also help you balance over a rickety step ladder or swing into his strong arms while removing the much-read book from the top shelf of the cupboard. A tall guy can get you things from the shelf. Though you might find it occasionally difficult to make him listen to your PoV point of view because his ears are so far away from your lips, then logic and reasons are least essential when people are so much in love.

Short girls with tall boyfriends always feel extra special. You can roam out on the streets, in the untamed by-lanes of the neighbourhood because your tall and lanky boyfriend would tower over any hoodlum. You can scare all the guys in the neighbourhood. Did I mention another sweet and spicy point?

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The tall guy- short girl couple is super cute. Have you seen her chopping and seen him stirring the wok when they are in the kitchen together?

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They look adorable especially when he helps him up the special steps to reach the kitchen table. Related Reading : I thought he was taking me on a romantic date but he took me to a shocking place instead. She can easily fit into his arms while cuddling. In addition to the roles of a handyman, a bodyguard, cuddle-pro, a master-chef all rolled into one if your boyfriend is way taller than any others, the best part of it all according to me is, well if you are short then you can fit snug into his arms to the point where your ears can listen to his heartbeat going lub-dub, lub-dub all around you!

Now that we have told you about the tall guy short girl advantages here are the short girl facts that you must know before you decide to be a tall-short couple. Knowing the short girl facts will help you navigate through a glitch-free tall guy-short girl relationship. Hope we worked out all things for you. Nothing could stop you from being that adorable tall-short couple now.

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Tall cute and single

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