Thai massage Apex

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I am not accepting new clients at this time due to a full schedule and circumstances. However, I work with an amazing group of therapists that I will gladly refer you to. Please visit our team at: www. Before you book your next appointment, please read our reopening guidelines here.

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If this is youcontact me or book an appointment online at your convenience. In our initial appointment we will talk about what your wellness goals are and what we can do to help you through the process.

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Our team is committed to providing the customized and individualized care to meet your needs. This is why we only work with a select group of clients who are serious about their wellness and together we can work toward reaching your individual goals.

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We do this by using an integrative approach. This means that each person receives a complete customized wellness solution which can include Integrated massage therapy using various modalities, Aromatherapy as well as wellness recommendations using an inside out approach as well as self care recommendations to do at home.

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Massage isn't just about feeling good, although that is one of the many benefits. Therapeutic massage is a holistic therapy that reduces stress, relaxes tense muscles, relieves pain, increases blood circulation and lymph flow, detoxifies the body, improves range of motion, and increases endorphins the body's natural painkillers.

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Professional Massage Therapy which is performed on the body's soft tissue will stimulate circulation and promote relaxation. Massage helps with the body-mind connection by providing you with the time to focus on your wellbeing and become more in- tuned with your body.

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I greatly appreciate your cooperation.

Thai massage Apex

email: [email protected] - phone:(973) 424-8982 x 2391

Integrative Thai Bodywork