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You might think of dancing as something you just do at the club on Saturday nights. While dancing is a great way to unwind and have fun, it has so many other benefits, too. In fact, dancing is an excellent way to exercise, burn fat and calories, and lose weight.

Like most forms of aerobic or cardio exercisedancing has many health benefitsincluding weight loss. Besides burning a good of calories, dancing can also increase your muscle strength. Building lean muscle mass may help you burn fat and tone your muscles. Dancing also has mental health benefits. Aerobic exercise may help improve your mood and reduce your risk of depression. Dancing with a partner or in a group can create a sense of community and help you feel more connected to other people.

This is why dancing can be a great way to stay motivated when it comes to exercise for weight loss. As with most types of exercise, faster, more vigorous forms of dancing will burn more calories than slower dancing. For example, hip hop dancing burns more calories than ballroom dancing. The U. Department of Health and Human Services recommends that adults get at least minutes of moderate intensity or 75 minutes of high intensity exercise each week for health benefits, including weight loss.

So, if dancing is your main form of exercise, the amount of time you spend doing it depends on how vigorously you dance. There are many different types of dance, all of which offer health benefits and the potential for weight loss. Many gyms offer dance classes, and there are also plenty of online dance videos you can try to see what form of dance feels right for you.

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If you prefer something less structured, you can also just crank up your favorite music in your living room and dance around for 30 minutes or more. Zumba is a dance fitness program set to Latin and other international music. It uses interval trainingalternating between fast and slow movements. These short bursts of high-intensity exercise help you burn even more calories than just dancing at a consistent speed.

Many gyms and community centers offer classes that welcome all fitness levels. Hip hop dancing is a high-intensity, high-impact form of dancing. It includes everything from break dancing to modern dance-like moves. Some gyms may offer hip hop dance classes, but there are also many online videos available to help you become familiar with hip hop choreography.

A lot of hip hop dance involves repetitive motion, much of which is high-impact. Ballet is a form of classical dance that focuses on precise movements and technique. While the slow movements of ballet may not burn as many calories as other types of dance, it can still help improve your health and fitness with:.

These classes, which are offered at many specialty studios or gyms, incorporate ballet, yogaand Pilates into a workout based on small isometric movements. Pole dancingalso called pole fitness, can be a great form of exercise.

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It involves moves like holding yourself up on the pole, twisting yourself around, and creating shapes with your body. A word of caution: Pole dancing requires a lot of gripping and twisting.

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You may want to opt for a different form of dance if you have hand, wrist, shoulder, knee, or back injuries. Ballroom dancing includes partner dances like the waltz, foxtrot, and tango. Even salsa dancing can count as a type of ballroom dancing. Check your local community center or dance centers in your neighborhood to see if they have ballroom dancing classes you can attend. As with any exercise, there are safety precautions to bear in mind to minimize your risk for injury. Following these tips may help you stay safe while dancing:. Dancing is a great way to boost your fitness, lose weight, and gain other health benefits.

You can try dancing on your own to your favorite tunes, or you can opt for a more structured format by ing a dance class or group session at your gym or local dance studio. If your goal is to lose weight, aim for more than minutes of moderate intensity dance or 75 minutes of high-intensity dance each week. The Latin dance moves in a Zumba class will have you burning calories, toning up, and having fun. While exercising in the morning and evening each have their benefits, the key is finding a routine you can stick to! Here are 16 effective ways you can motivate yourself to lose weight.

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The benefits of dancing for weight loss and improved health. How many calories can you burn with dancing? Options for dancing and weight loss. Hip hop. Pole dancing. Ballroom dancing. Safety tips. The bottom line. Read this next. The Surprising Health Benefits of Zumba. Medically reviewed by Daniel Bubnis, M.

Medically reviewed by Peggy Pletcher, M.

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