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Added: Shakyra Greenlaw - Date: Dj pushing for guys to throw money and make it rain. This was my first time going to a strip club, So I'm not as cultured as you fellows when it comes to giving reviews, But I've been to various clubs and have traveled enough to know what entails a decent club and separates it from the other fodder. I went to this club twice but didn't stay the second time as they charged for parking and I was already kind of tired as I had a flight to catch.

The first time I went was on a Wednesday I got in free, I imagine this Diamonds strip club in dallas typically be a slow night for them because I stayed to about am and besides another group of people no one else showed up. The dancers, each and everyone of them were beautiful and had nice toned fit bodies, the booties actually looked right, by this I mean usually when you see girls with fake butts it looks crazy but none of these strippers had anything that looked noticeably fake I didn't really interact with any of them as I was just trying to get a vibe for things, I'm basically solo in an environment for the first time I ordered some drinks and being shy kind of kept to myself.

I have to say those girls worked it, they had this hanging platform it was basically a square and they climbed inside it dancing on and around it, it was really a marvel to watch these women maneuver this object midair, I expected the typical pole dances but this blew my mind.

I wouldn't even say you have to be interested in black women to attend this club, if you are just interested in. It's the title to the "T". When this place was called pearl, it was pretty damn good. They had different type of women all flavors. Now, it's strictly black women, I don't know what Adrian was thinking but this is not the place to be.

There is a mandatory parking fee now no matter were you go.

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Once inside, I usually order my Jack and Coke to get the vibe of a new club. They pour decent drinks but it's pretty pricey. For most of you who know that club it's pretty much that except the girls are walking around half naked. There was 7 girls working Tuesday, none of them, and I mean non of them came to the bar to say hi.

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I was practically talking to the bartender and a girl who got off. They were explaining most of the girls in there wanted quick money and customer services. The club itself looked pretty good, the only down fall was the lack of variety and service at this place. I didn't get a dance since I don't chase a girl down. I feel like Adrian took a concept that was great and destroyed it. I might come back on a weekend and give it another go at least for the dance but I don't think i Toggle lustnames. Strip clubs U. Texas Dallas Black Diamonds.

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Black Diamonds 3 reviews Add review. Club type: Topless Dancers.

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Dancers Etnicity : Black. Comments and reviews Atmosphere:. Related Clubs.

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