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One of the most common complaints about Words With Friends has to do with how the game is played in the first place. In the traditional Scrabble board game, just like the physical Words With Friends board gameyou really need to think about your move before you lay down your tiles. You need to be sure that the word you want to play is valid and legal. The digital version of Words With Friends, on the other hand, tends to reward random guessing. You can move your letter tiles around on the board until the indicator changes from red to green, indicating a valid move.

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With Words With Friends, invalid moves cannot be played in the first place. So, they cannot be challenged either. On that website, you configure how challenges work, including penalties for invalid words.

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The Words With Friends dictionary can be inconsistent. Similarly, some words that you think should be disallowed can be played. But, there are many exceptions. The best way to confirm valid and invalid words is to use our handy Words With Friends cheat tool.

Words With Friends has a sexual harassment problem. Unsolicited messages in dating apps and on social media platforms can be very troubling already. Because Words With Friends has a built-in chat function, some individuals use it to flirt or worse with other players. When ignored or otherwise dismissed, these strangers can get angry, turning to verbal abuse and sexual harassment.

You can always block and delete these kinds of players.

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The best way to avoid these types of encounters is to refuse all random games altogether. Play only with people you actually know. The creepy players described above may come with unwelcome sexual advances.

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These scammers are looking for personal data and, in many cases, actual money. Or they may pose as US military deployed overseas. Some scams involve proxies, like asking for Amazon gift cards or other items of monetary value. Research online. Be skeptical and remain vigilant. Most people would reasonably expect that when they play a game, it actually works. The game freezes or gets stuck sometimes.

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Some common Words With Friends complaints that fall into this category include:. If you encounter any of these sorts of problems, refer to our guide on what to do when Words With Friends freezes up. Worse comes to worst, deleting and reinstalling the app on your device usually works. This is true whether you create a separate or you in with Facebook. Multiple users have reported issues, sometimes on the computer, sometimes via the mobile app.

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As a result, the game can fail to load properly. One solution is to try a different version of the game. The same applies, carrying over the same active games and friends lists. If the frustration is too much, you can always delete your Zynga Words With Friends. What gives? This is particularly relevant if you play both via Facebook on your computer and via the mobile app on your phone.

What you may need to do is log out of your and then log back in. This should hopefully force a refresh. You can also try a different browser on your computer. Still fed up with these issues? Want someone to listen to your Words With Friends complaints? Better still, do you want someone to actually do something about them? Take note of some of the key differences between the two games, including board layout and available game modes. Then, get in there and play! Michael Kwan is a professional writer and editor with over 14 years of experience.

Fueled by caffeine and WiFi, he's no stranger to word games and dad jokes. Many Words With Friends players love the game and understandably so. You can play a game just about anywhere, including on your phone, tablet or computer.

At the same time, Words With Friends complaints have highlighted a of shortcomings and frustrations too.

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How can you overcome these common complaints about WWF? Challenge in Scrabble Instead? WWF Tips.

Words with friends anybody

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Beware the “Words with Friends” scammers