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B2B businesses are complex beasts, so marketing them effectively can be tricky — how do you reflect the complexity without overwhelming audiences? How do you pick out what really matters when everything seems important, particularly to you on the inside? Keeping focused is easy to say but hard to do. We focus on making your brand, marketing and communications say what your audiences want to know, and not just what you want to tell them. How to strip it all back and get it right.

Remember, more often than not, your audiences only have a very short time to read your message.

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They might be walking past your billboard, only reading the headline momentarily as they focus on getting to work on time. Or sat at their desk spotting your digital banner pop up as they google something business- critical or check Facebook. We believe a campaign works best when it contains one clear, brief message. When you distil your product or service down to the barest minimum, what does it do and how will it help your customer? This is about getting to the very heart of the purpose of your project.

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So, what is a brandpaign? The key is to have one overarching theme. Another thing to remember when building your brandpaign — stay true to who you are.

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Be yourself, be clear, and communicate the one thing sitting at the heart of what you want people to know and feel about you. How do you get it right for all your audiences without the headache of producing many versions of the same thing? We think that multiple-level re are the answer, whether targeting different audiences within single pieces of collateral or developing audience-specific communications.

One brochure, written and deed in a thoughtful and methodical way, can work for everyone if you use multiple-level re. To do this, we would develop several re of different lengths — a very short one the main messagea slightly longer one, and then the longest one. Each brochure spread works in the same way, with the shortest read as the headline, the slightly longer read as the first full paragraph which explains the headline further, and then the longest read, which goes into the most detail, following across the rest of the spread.

We write these in such a way that if you read them from spread to spread, the story would be the same whether you only read the very short read at the top of eachthe slightly longer ones, or whether you had the time to sit down and read the entire brochure. At the end we recap, using the shortest re as a series of key bullets for the reader to take away. Another way to create multiple level re, is to use different forms of communication to target different audiences with the same message.

For example, for one client we deed Moleskine notebooks, printed with campaign messaging on the inside cover, so senior staff knew what they had to communicate in meetings about new products and services in a format they would use daily. For junior audiences in the same company we were more playful, communicating the message using film and posters.

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It was the same message but communicated differently to each target in a way we knew would resonate, and therefore keeping it memorable. Brands often grow by acquiring other brands. Sometimes those brands remain separate, but often they become an integrated part of the mothership — in all but brand architecture. This creates a problem when you want to convey your brand message externally. We often begin a brand review to discover a variety of different logos for the parts of an organisation, some or all looking completely different from each other.

Yet making everything look the same is not the answer either, because then you lose flexibility and personality. Start by putting everything on the table. No logo is left unturned. Talk to employees and customers. Most sub-brands will fit neatly under the master brand, with the occasional endorsed brand staying separate. By doing this, you create a flexible brand system where the brand structure may become fairly monolithic but important nuances, that employees and customers feel make each part of the whole distinctive, can be kept.

Sub-brands may not have their own logos anymore but there is still flexibility around the visual interpretation of the brand, so they keep their personality appropriate to their communications and audiences. Surely your audience needs to know every little detail? Your story is of course a crucial part of your brand communications, but we believe that being as crisp as possible with the what, and articulating the why in an emotive way, will capture what you want to say and how you want to say it successfully. How do we do it? Without giving away too many trade secrets, you need to understand what your organisation does, in a functional sense, and put it in the fewest, clearest words possible.

Avoid jargon — no one wants to read it. We then go what we call gem-hunting — discovering the little nuggets about why people buy into you and what brings the people in your organisation together. Those little differences that define you, make you special and, well, make you, you.

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Will they want to find out more? You have to help people do what they want to when they interact with you. We come across many bad websites — complicated, confusing, unattractive, hard to navigate. So, what are our top tips for a great user experience? Know your audience — what will they be looking for? Make it easy for them to find it. Make your website straightforward.

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Keep layout and simple and keep content useful and clear. Be consistent, as our eyes and brains adapt to what we see. Elements such as menus and chains of actions should work the same way across your site. Cold language, full of jargon and lacking personality, is off-putting and may mean important information or calls to action are ignored by your user.

Every one of our points is about being simple, even when your proposition is complex. In your campaigns, think about the one thing you want people to remember in those few seconds they read your ad. Always be human, make it easy for your audiences to engage with you, leave the jargon behind and, please, just keep things straightforward. We created a distinct campaign to stand out in a competitive and crowded marketplace. Gen Z has different communications preferences, drivers and values.

What does this mean for your brand, marketing and how they might need to adapt to engage? I consent to you ing me invitations and mailers. Please read our privacy policy. Back to publications. June Marketing communications: making the complex simple. Share this :. Download publication. If you only remember one thing, remember this. Be clear and single minded in your purpose. Create multiple level re. Consciously decouple your brand from your organisation. Explain what you do crisply, articulate why you do it emotively.

Graduates are looking for inspiration and a sense of purpose. Be helpful and be human. View case study. View event. Whether you want us to be frank, bright, able or all three, get in touch. Send us a message.

You know want to message this Bright

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